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≈Peacefull waters where water lilies bloom≈



Protection Status: Special Natural Reserve

Administrator:  Pokret gorana, Sremska Mitrovica; Svetog Save 19, 22000 Sremska Mitrovica; Phone:+381 22 614300,, web:

Rangers: Pokret gorana, Sremska Mitrovica; Svetog Save 19, 22000 Sremska Mitrovica; Phone:+381 22 614300,, web:

Gudies: Pokret gorana, Sremska Mitrovica; Svetog Save 19, 22000 Sremska Mitrovica; Phone:+381 22 614300,, web:

Founded: 1977. godine

Coordinates: N 44º57'27", E19º31'34"

The reserve is located in the north Mačva in the municipalities of Sremska Mitrovica and Bogatić. This is a swamp territory with flooded meadows and forests, next to the little river Zasavica with its length of 33, 1 kilometer. The river Zasavica runs through this reserve, along with the stream Batar, canals Jovac and  Prekopac, and there is a connection with the river Sava. This reserve is the habitat for over hundreds of birds, animals and fish.  The Museum of Natural History in Munich has given 16 beaver families, who have adopted well in their new environment- some of the families have already got babies, but all of them have made their new homes- on and under the water surface- in which they averagely use 25-30 cubic meters of wood. The name Zasavica, also refers to the abandoned riverbed, around the lower Drina, sometimes before it was also the riverbed of Sava, then Drina, but today it is out of hydrographic function, which makes it a fossil riverbed. The reserve is accessed through a gate where the ticket office is located and where you pay for the entry, rent boats and buy fishing licenses. Near the entrance is a parking lot. The visitor's centre, a place where tourists can get all information related to the reserve is built in ethnic style from natural materials and it completely blends with the surrounding nature. At the entrance you are moving towards a mini zoo that has autochthon domestic animals, and then continuing to the main building with a watchtower, a souvenir shop and a shop with local products. At the watchtower there is a dock with rowboats and a tourist boat Umbra. On the left side there are restaurants – 'Bircuz kod dabra'.

Wider area

Sremska Mitrovica - N 44°58'21", E 19°36'26" - Sremska Mitrovica is the biggest city in Srema, the administrative centre in Sremska County and one of the oldest towns in Vojvodina and Serbia. The town is located on the left bank of the river Sava. The ancient city Sirium, that was located in the territory of today's Sremska Mitrovica, was the capital of the Roman Empire during the period of tetrarchy. It was also called 'The glorious mother of cities'. Numerous Roman emperors were born in, or near by, the city of Sirium.




Mačvanska Mitrovica - N 44°57'34", E 19°35'32" - Mačvanska Mitrovica, called Podrinska Mitrovica till 1918, but was also known as Mala Mitrovica, is a city establishment in Sremska Mitrovica municipality, in Sremska County. This establishment was the seat of Mačvanska Mitrovica municipality until 1965. The municipality was made up of these settlements: Zasavica (todays Zasavica I and Zasavica II), Mačvanska Mitrovica, Noćaj, Radenković, Ravnje and Salaš Noćajski. After the abolition of the municipality status, it was completely merged to the territory of Sremska Mitrovica municipality.




  • II zone of protection: 670.9989 ha
  • protection zone: 1150.00 ha

International protection status:

  • IBA – Important Bird Area
  • IPA – Important Plant Area
  • PBA- Prime Butterflies Area
  • RAMSAR- Wetland of International Significance



Characteristic habitats for this area are reedbeds, flooded poplar woods, and willow woods, hundred year old oaks and ash woods, lowlands meadows, extensive pastures, fields, traditional orchards. On the reserve, which is of around 1825 hectares, was recorded a total of more than 800 species of plants some of which are of particular importance.


Until now, more than 300 species of insects have been found in the reserve, 15 species of which are protected as natural rarities in Serbia. In Zasavica lives 16 indigenous and 4 imported species of fish. 24 species of reptiles and amphibians were recorded as well. Very rich is the ornithofauna with 182 recorded species and 50 species of mammals.

Traffic and communication

When you leave the highway, what remains is that you drive a little through Srem, and then you go across Sava and find yourself - in Mačva. Soon you will find yourself at an intersection, where the left turn leads for Salaš Noćajski, and the right path leads to Mačva Mitrovica (to Zasavica). For a while you will be driving along Sava (upstream), and then you will get a little deeper into Mačvan plains, all the way to the village Zasavica II, where you will see another billboard - a guidepost, i.e. the point where you turn on the dirt road and reach the destination, after a few hundred meters. Even as you approach with the car, from the distance you will see a tall wooden tower - viewpoint or so called Visitor reserve center.