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Conversation / protection status: Protected Landscape Area

Administrator / moderator: PE "Direkcija za građevinsko zemljište i puteve opštine Surdulica", 5 septembar 27

17530 Surdulica, 017/815-359,,


Novica Stanković +381 62 8023114 (head of services of PIO Vlasina)

Information about the events on Vlasina Lake:

PE "Direkcija za građevinsko zemljište i puteve opštine Surdulica", 5 septembar 27, 17530 Surdulica, 017/815-359,,

Tourist Organization of Surdulica, 5th September 27, Surdulica, tel: +381 17 813712,,

Info centre: Info point of rangers is under reconstruction in Brigadirsko settlement on Vlasina

Founded: 11.04.2006

Coordinates: N 42°41' 49 '' and E 22°20'11''

This protected landscape area of Vlasina, belongs to the municipalities of Surdulica and Crna Trava, which are located in the southern region of Serbia. It covers an area of 12.740,90 ha with the population of more than 22 thousand inhabitants. Geographically it is located in the basin of the river Vrla, in Masurička field and on the part of Vlasina plateau in the upper basin of Jerma and Božička River, at an altitude of 944 m to 1,721 m. It rests on two high mountains Vardenik (1875 m) and Cemernik (1,638 m). The area of Vlasina is extremely picturesque, and on all sides meadows, pastures and birch forests are spread. There are floating peat islands, which are formed by raising the water level during the filling of the lake, when the bottom raised peat. At high water these islands are built from the bottom and are freely floating on the lake, depending on the wind. Three main functional units of Vlasina are settlements Vlasina Rid, Vlasina Stojkovićeva and Vlasina Okruglica. Vlasina Okruglica is the first point of contact with the lake and functionally presents a kind of intersection that directs guests to the east and the north. Most of the public functions are located in this settlement (motel, post office, police station and two stores) so, logically, it is considered to be the entry point to the Vlasina Lake from the direction of Surdulica. Within the settlement, besides public functions, there is a motel, two resorts and a large number of homes. Vlasina Rid is located on the northwest side of the lake and is accessible through the regional road R122. the zone of Vlasina Rid is the most urbanized compared to other functional units of the lake, with a large number of private houses (400) that partly serve for living and partly for vacation. On this area there are shops, two hotels and several resorts. This part is leaning towards sport-recreational activities (Čemernik on the North and a football stadium with other facilities on the South) and camping, so that makes the whole zone one functional unit. Access is possible from the direction of Vlasina Okruglice and from the direction of Crna Trava. All hotels are concentrated in this settlement (Narcis, Vlasna, Vlasinski Vrtovi, Vila Best), as well as the main weekend settlement, a market, information centre and all tourist activities take place here. Vlasina Stojkovićeva is located in the eastern part of the lake and is seen as the entry point to the Vlasina Lake from the direction of Klisura via highway M1.13 (i.e. the direction of Bulgaria). In the area there are around a hundred of houses located partly for living and partly for vacation. It presents the least populated area around the lake.

Wider area:

Surdulica - N 42°41'16", E 22°10'09" - the town Surdulica is located on the southeast part of Serbia and in order to get to the Vlasina Lake one must pass through this town. It is known by its tradition of brass bands, whose skill is transferred from generation to generation. Many world famous trumpet players come from this area and one of them is Boban Marković.




 Stara planina (Old Mountain) – N 43°23'42", E 22°40'57" - The largest mountain range in eastern Serbia, on the boarder with Bulgaria. On Stara Planina, except observing the beautiful nature, you can also ski, go fishing, collect wild fruits.





Niš – N 43°19'29", E 21°54'11" - besides being the birth place of the Roman emperor Constantine the Great, the city is characterized by its southern temperament, hospitality and exquisite cuisine. In Niš there are many cultural and historical monuments, one of which should be mentioned is the Skull Towers, a monument from the Turkish period, Mediana – a sanatorium of Emperor Constantine from the 4th century and associated archeological sites. Very close to Niš is the Niška Banja, a complex of thermal springs and recreational footpaths.




The total amount of area protected is 12.740,90 ha:

  • Protection regime I zone- 9, 6 ha – island Stratorija and Dugi Del;  in the first zone of protection only scientific research and controlled education is allowed.
  • Protection regime II zone - 4.354,00 ha
  • Protection regime III zone 8.377,00 ha

International protection status:

  • IBA – Important bird areas
  • IPA – Important plant areas
  • PBA- Prime butterflies area
  • RAMSAR- Wetlands of international importance


The analysis of flora in the Vlasina plateau showed that there are 45 endemic and 30 sub endemic species, representing 8.1% of the flora of this area. In the Vlasina plateau so far there have been 956 taxa of vascular plants recorded.


The fauna of Vlasina lake contains significant elements of rare and endangered species. Ornithofauna is a particularly important and vulnerable group, and its fortune is expressed with 125 recorded species. Ichthyofauna is represented by 21 species of which two are strictly protected and five protected

Geology and geomorphology:

The plateau is surrounded by mountains with rounded peaks and gentle sloping hillsides. On these slopes sixty Vlasina settlements are grouped between which clear streams and rivers are flowing with forest flumes. Nearby in PIO Vlasina the appearance of minerals in noted such as magnetite, shale, but mostly chlorite. Vlasina is one of the oldest mining towns in Serbia. On Vlasina iron was extracted and there are nine smelters recorded.

Traffic connection:

The Lake is 119km away from Niš, from Belgrade around 350km, from Vranja 55km, Kumanova 108km and Skopje 143 km. The main traffic routes are the M 1.13 24km in length and a regional road R 122 45km in length.


The climate on Vlasina is subalpine with dry and fresh summers and dry winters. The absolute maximum of temperature recorded was 31,6 °C and the absolute minimum of -31,5°C. January is the coldest month with the average temperature from -3°C and the warmest is August with average temperature of +16°C.