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Conversation/protection status: National Park

Administrator/moderator: National Park Tara, Bajina Bašta, Milenka Topalovića 3, 031/863-644.

Rangers: Head of rangers – Miodrag Petrović. +381 31 863644 i +381 64 8475216,

Guides: Ranko Milanović, +381 31 863644, +381 64 8475386,

Founded: 13 July 1981.

Coordinates: N 43°55'55'' and E 19°23'10''

Info points:

Bajina Bašta - N 43°58'13.44", E 19°34'09.64" - The area of the National Park Tara, intended for visitors of this protected area. It is located in the administrative building of the enterprise, at 300 square meters, adapted for permanent exhibition, an information desk and a gift shop. At this centre, visitors can get all the necessary information about the National Park and see different thematic exhibitions.

Perućac - N 43°57'39.54", E 19°23'56.21" - It is located at the entrance of the nature reserve „Klisura Dereventa", on the banks of LakePerućac. This point presents  the entrance gate to the National Park and has an information and control character. Here you can get information, leaflets, buy fishing licences and souvenirs.

Mitrovac - N 43°55'11.57", E 19°25'30.19" - This centre is open to the public since 2006. It is the first facility of this kind in Serbia. It covers an area of 220 square meters where you can find an information desk, souvenir shop, exhibitions and a presentational auditorium which can accommodate 40 guests. Besides excursions, tours and other activities, the centre also organizes art exhibitions, literary events and other thematic gatherings. In addition to immediate information, brochures, maps and video presentations, here you can buy souvenirs and consult the supervisors of the National Park.

Edukativno informativni centar Šljivovica - N 43°54'02.72", E 19°30'39.83" - The NP Tara used the old hut in Mitrovica Rača and turned it into an object appropriate to its time. Thus, on the fifth kilometre of the road Kaluđerske bare – Mitrovac, there is a new educational and information centre of 200 square meters, with a technically fully equipped room for multi-purposes and four apartments with a total of 14 beds. This facility, primarily, serves young participants of the ranger's camp and representatives of the media, as well as others who seek to complement their knowledge of the National Park Tara.

The National park covers 19.175 ha and takes up most of the mountain massif of Tara, and is located in the municipality of Bajina Bašta in western Serbia. It borders with Bosnia and Herzegovina, bounded by Drina. Despite today's presence of man and it's impact on ecosystems, Tara has maintained it's outstanding natural values, which is why its is declared a national park. The mountain Tara belongs to an Old Vlach mountain area and consists of regional units of the Kaluđera ponds, Tara, Aluške mountains, Crni vrh and Zvijezda. The surface is 183 square miles, the length 50 km and the width of 22 km. The average altitude is 1,200 meters, but the highest peak Koziji rid (goat hill) reaches 1,591 meters.

Wider area:

In the direct contiguity of NP Tara there are the following interesting areas:

Jezero Zaovine – N 43°51'25", E 19°21'23" - currently protected as an area of exceptional distinction, and an initiative has been launched to merge with the National Park.

Šargan i Mokra Gora – N 43°46'60", E 19°30'00" - The area of Šargan and Mokra Gora is a protected area – the park of nature, which has a recognizable railway with narrow tracks called the Šarganska osmica. The impression is enhanced by preserved conifer forests inhabited by attractive species of flora and fauna.

Mećavnik i Drvengrad – N 43°47'44.25", E 19°30'29.13" - Also known as Kustendorf is an ethno village located at the border between the mountains Zlatiobor and Tara. It was built on the basis of a conceptual design of a famous director Emir Kusturica for the shooting of his film. At this location there is a ski trail called Iver. This location is suitable for seminars and conferences and it is well known due to its film festival „Kustendorf".

Zlatibor - N 43°38'53", E 19°40'44" - this is the favourite mountain among the Serbian tourists which is located on the south-west Serbia. This area is recognizable for its large areas covered by pastures and rural communities.


  • I zone of protection: area of 2.959, 25 ha, which is 15, 43% of the total area. Scientific activities and controlled education is allowed.
  • II zone of protection: area of 7.721,89 ha which is 40, 27% of the total area.
  • III zone of protection: area of 8.493,86 ha, which is 44, 30% of the total area.
  • Protection zone: area of 37.584 ha

International protection status:

  • IBA – Important Bird Areas
  • IPA – Important Plant Areas
  • PBA- Prime Butterflies Area


On the territory of a wider area there was a record of over 1100 plant species, which is almost a third of the total flora of Serbia. So far the park has recorded 30 endemic plant species. Specific for Tara are the dense native evergreen forests, and it is dominated by mixed forests of beech, fir and spruce that cover more than 75% of the park, which makes it one of the most forested mountains in Europe.

This area is most important for its homeland tertiary relict Pančićev spruce, Picea omorica.


In complex communities, mainly reserves and protected areas, the fauna is very rich with 53 species of mammals and 135 species of birds.

Geology and geomorphology

The area of Tara is characterized by a mosaic of mountain elevations and surfaces which transect the rivers valleys and their tributaries. In addition, there are different geomorphological forms (caves, valleys, sinkholes, gorges, canyons, cliffs, etc.). The area of Tara is constructed of igneous, metamorphic rocks and of rocks that are created from the Palaeozoic to the present.


NP Tara has a temperate continental climate with mountain influences. High humidity is caused by currents from the Drina canyon and daily mist. Above Tara there is a clash between warm south currents and cold north currents. The average annual temperature is 5,6 º C.

Traffic connection

The shortest route from Belgrade to Tara is via Belgrade – Valjevo - Rogačica - Bajina Bašta - Tara, which is 180 km long. From Novi Sad to Tara the trip is 246km long. The nearest railway station is on the mountain Tara in Braneško Polje which is on the railway route Belgrade - Bar. Another important access route is the road that connects Tara and Zlatibor and leads on to Užice over Kremna.