The EcoVitour E Guide through the eco destinations of Serbia

The EcoVitour E Guide through the eco destinations presents a unique virtual eco-tour through the protected areas in Serbia and is intended for Android phones and devices. The guide consists of an internet presentation and an android application that is free for download by scanning the QR code from the site mentioned above. All elements of sustainable tourism and eco tourism are combined in this presentation: sustainable management of protected areas, environmental protection and the promotion of cultural heritage and the life of local population by encouraging their economic well-being in line with the global sustainable tourism criteria. The selection of the accommodations was based on the RESUME certification developed by the Centre for research and development projects "EcoDev" in accordance with the Global sustainable tourism criteria (GSTC).

The presentations are both in Serbian and English and hold detailed information on: the flora, the fauna and geological characteristics of the selected area with suitable illustrations and maps with geographical coordinates, outdoor activities, cultural and historical values of the area, the customs of local population, ethnic products, camps, ethnic accommodation and restaurants, as well as contact information of rangers, guides, accommodation and restaurants. You can also find information on how to get to a certain protected area, as well as information about the wider areas that should be visited, that are valuable in terms of natural and cultural values.

Until now, 15 protected areas in Serbia have been shown: 4 national parks (Fruška gora, Đerdap - Iron gate, Tara, Kopaonik), 7 special reserves (Uvac, Zasavica, Obedska swamp, Bagremara, Deliblato sands, Upper Danube,Kovilj-Petrovaradin Marshes), one protected landscape area (Vlasina), one nature park (Stara planina), one Biosphere reserve (Golija) and one natural monument (Đavolja Varoš).

The contribution of this application is reflected in the promotion of protected areas of Serbia and encouraging local and foreign tourists to select these holiday destinations; learning about the natural and cultural values of a particular area, as well as to protect the environment.

The interactive platform of Ecovirtour is initiated by the Centre for research and development projects "EcoDev". The Project is supported by the Telenor foundation, the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and telecommunications, Department of Tourism, the Tourist Organization of Serbia, PC Vojvodinašume, PC Srbijašume and PC Stara planina.